Saturday, April 19, 2008

Interior Design Etsy Team

As I've mentioned here before, one of the reasons I moved my shop to is the site's community of artists, who value and promote one another. Etsy encourages the formation of Teams, who are drawn together by region or craft, and who are a source of inspiration and information for each other. Many of us are new to selling our work, or to online sales. Others have sold online but never done a craft fair, or sold on consignment, or advertised their work. It's fine to read articles or books about these things. But it's even better to meet kindred spirits who have been where you want to go, or who want to go where you've already been. We can share our experiences, and everyone leaves the richer for it. We can pool our resources and accomplish more together than any one of us could alone.

The newest team I've joined on Etsy is the Interior Design Team. All members make articles for the home, from handmade furniture to original art work. We all sell on Etsy, as well as through other venues. The link above offers more information about the team, and instructions for joining. Hope to "meet" you there some time!