Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bull Stuff!

As a member of the "Etsy Bloggers Street Team," I have to blog at least once a month about a topic chosen for the weekly "carnival." I'm new to blogging, and to Etsy, and until now I had never even heard the term "blog carnival!" Why am I always the last to know?

The carnival theme this week is "Bulls." I know absolutely nothing about bulls, and I try to keep it that way, but some people do strange things with bulls. For instance, what would motivate a person to participate in the annual "Running Of The Bulls?" Plenty of Tequila, is what I'm thinking. As a natural born klutz, I was worried by this advice to entrants:
Beware of falling - Bulls are not the only danger. Mainly, it's the number of runners. The chances of stumbling and falling are very high. In fact, most of the people who are injured during the run have fallen and been trampled over by other runners. You have to look in front of you, behind you and on the ground. Once you are in the herd, it's safest to remain close to the bulls because there will be no runners in front of you. If you fall, just curl up and do not move until someone taps you on the shoulder. If you're near a bull and you fall, do not try to get up. If you curl up in a ball, the bull will evade you and continue running. Getting up will cause the bull to attack you. This is the most common mistake made by runners.

You know, I'm a quiltmaker. Jobs don't come much more sedentary than mine, and I admit that's one of the things I like about it. I don't "do" running. But if I did, I would leave the bulls out of it altogether.

If running with them is dangerous, how much more so is "fighting" with them? I know you get to use a cape and a big sword, and the bull is unarmed... Come to think of it, I'd root for the bull, who was minding his own business, just looking for some shapely cows, and suddenly thousands of people are cheering for some guy in a glittery outfit to KILL him. I'd be mad, too!

Lastly, if you don't want to run with bulls or engage them in a one-sided fight, you can always ride one. It looks fairly simple, until they open the gate.