Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feeling Blue

Working from home has many advantages, but one drawback can be
loneliness. I don't miss anything about my previous job except seeing
my coworkers on a regular basis. Occasional visits are great, but
they just can't replace the daily conversations, kidding around, and
sharing the details of our lives with people who know us well.

That's why I like the way Etsy encourages the formation of teams and
makes it easy for us to contact each other, "heart" each other, and
join blog rings and message boards. All of these help alleviate the
isolation I sometimes feel.

I recently joined a group of local quilters who meet every week. I
belong to a large quilt guild too, but this new group is much more
informal. Mostly we just stitch and talk, admire each other's
projects, and share tips and encouragement. (As I've said here before,
I've never met a quilter I didn't like!)