Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally, Some "Finished" Projects

If you're a non-quilter, the term "UFO" probably means something different to you. But any quilter knows it really means "unfinished objects." These are projects you start in a burst of energy and inspiration, often during a class on some new technique. For one reason or another, the project lost it's charm somewhere along the line. Maybe the new technique was not much fun. Or the colors didn't work well together. Or you just bit off more than you could chew. If the project is far enough along to make throwing it away seem wasteful, you pretend you'll just set it aside for awhile. It's kind of like those leftovers in your fridge: Deep down inside you knew when you put them in there they would eventually make it to the trash, but you just couldn't admit it to yourself.

Some UFO's are put in a box and will never see light again. But some can be magically transformed into something useful! The secret word is "downsizing." That's an ugly word here in Michigan, but I don't mean it like THAT! Let's say you start a queen size quilt that needs 80 blocks, but after 40 blocks you are sick to death of it. Presto: a twin size quilt! If even 40 is too many to face, you can shoot for a 12-block wall hanging. You have two blocks left over? Hey --- a placemat!!!

So, that explains how I was able to list two wallhangings and a twin quilt today. And if I hadn't blogged about it, you would have thought I was quite prolific!