Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pseudo Grandma

Every once in a while real life interferes with quilting, for better or worse. This time it's a good interruption! I know you probably have actual grandchildren, but so far the closest I can get to that dream are my daughter Lisa's two cats and, now, her 10 week old puppy. Is he cute, or what? His name is Ozzy, and so far he is the best pup in the world: Friendly, quiet, calm, playful, affectionate, smart and (almost!) housebroken. I say this as a completely neutral observer, just like a "real" grandma! We're going to my sister's cottage this weekend, and I can't wait to see the little fellow there. It will be interesting to see how he'll react to the other dogs, and especially if he'll follow them into the lake. He's supposedly an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, though he has no papers to prove it. He shows no inclination to herd the cats (as if it were possible) but he did a perfect point when a flock of birds flew over! So, we think perhaps his heritage is more complex than advertised. It doesn't matter --- he's definitely a keeper.

Lisa just bought her first house, complete with a huge fenced-in backyard. I can't prove it, but sometimes I suspect she bought the house for the dog. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) She can't move in until October 1st, but getting the puppy couldn't wait. So, for now, they are stuffed into her small apartment. The cats are not totally sold on either the move or the pup, but they'll adjust eventually. Maybe.