Monday, June 02, 2008

Pup & Duckies

When I make a baby quilt I always use the leftover fabric to make a coordinating mini quilt, which I attach to the paws of a stuffed animal. I include these with the baby quilt. The puppy and mini quilt above mark the first time I've sold these separately. One of my steady customers requested it for a baby shower gift. The mom-to-be likes duckies, and the gift-giver loves dogs (she has FOUR yellow Labs!) So I used a rubber ducky print for the stars, and the puppy to hold the quilt. I think I'll make more mini quilts for the shop, just to have a wider spread in the price range. Probably more table runners and placemats, too, for the same reason. Also, these smaller items will be easier than quilts to transport and display at craft shows.