Monday, May 05, 2008

Halfway Point

I'm making this for my friend, Brenda, and have finally passed the halfway point: 44 of 80 blocks completed! The pattern is "Creme Brulee," by Linda Carlson and Linda Hohag, from the book Patchwork Pantry. (It's a pretty example of the Winding Ways block.) I love how the intertwining circles pop out at you! Brenda chose the pattern and fabrics, which as you can see are white on whites and various shades of pink. The block backgrounds are machine pieced, but the petals are hand appliqued. Luckily Brenda is not in a hurry, because I'm doing the handwork in the evenings, after I've spent the day at the machines on other projects. I'll machine quilt it, and I'm planning to have it done by mid-July so I can enter it in my Guild's Quilt Show. (I'm also hoping that Brenda will agree to let me borrow it for the show! Please, Brenda???)
Lately I've been doing all my work by machine, so it's been kind of nice to return to handwork. I can only do one block a night, though, and then my arthritic hands start complaining. One thing I'd forgotten about handwork is that, because it takes such a long time, I get much more attached to the project. It's going to hurt my heart a little to part with this quilt. But I know Brenda will give it a good home!